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We are an Auckland based supplier of Marine and Engineering parts.

AES is the company for those who care about the jobs that they are doing, the whole team has a passion for providing the best quality tools with the best possible service. The Retail shop has numerous brands of quality tools, abrasives, and engineering fittings

Hand Tools

Koken, Teng, Kincrome, Ampro, Irwin, Record, Bahco The list goes on and on...


We specialize in Marine Tools, supplies and Marine Supplies. All the tools and parts are available with us.


Speciality drill bits, step drills, taps & dies, Nuts washers and bolts, dial gauges, carbide burrs etc.

Direct Imports

AES is the direct importer of marine grade NORMA couplings and hose clamps.

NORMA Group is a global market and technology leader in Engineered Joining Technology solutions, with more than 60 years of manufacturing and product-development experience.

We are also a direct importer of TEF-GEL anti-corrosion assembly lube.

Tef-Ge™ is derived from a specially formulated Teflon® paste & is used in high corrosive environments to ensure serviceability & presentation of assembled hardware.

Supplier Specials

Feature Brands

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